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Award Winning Physiotherapists Delivering Custom Services for Your Relief

North West Physiotherapy is your one-stop pain relief and healthy living practice in Brisbane. With 3 clinics across North Brisbane, our physiotherapists are highly trained to carefully listen and understand your condition before customising the perfect healthcare solution to suit your specific lifestyle. When it comes to physiotherapy, Brisbane area residents can count on North West Physiotherapy to help them achieve the results they need.

A Clinic that Supplies Much More than Standard Physiotherapy Treatments

With a wide-range of products and services available from our Brisbane city physio clinic, you will discover the perfect solution for ridding yourself of pain, in the shortest time period possible. These products and services include electronic posture and gait analysis, Bounce Back classes, and a range of services that go beyond what most practices offer for physiotherapy. Brisbane patients can receive hydrotherapy, acupuncture and massage, in addition to our other treatments. Our range of physiotherapy supplies includes everything from steerable kneewalkers and SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts to Equmen core precision undershirts. Ask your physiotherapist for more information on our physiotherapy supplies and find out which products might be beneficial for you.

A Physiotherapy Practice that Accommodates Clients’ Individual Needs

What sets us apart from other practices that provide physio in Brisbane? We are driven by our mission to provide nothing but the best possible experience for our clients. When you choose us for physiotherapy, you will find we offer flexible consultation times to suit any lifestyle and that we will do everything we can to make your visit efficient and enjoyable with your physiotherapist. Brisbane patients will find that the goal of the highly trained therapists at our practice is to get you pain-free and moving normally and happily as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to experience what countless others have when they’ve visited our practice, don’t put off booking your physiotherapy consultation another minute! When they come to us for physio, Brisbane City men, women and children discover the solutions that will return them to their pain-free selves. If you’re in pain, are recovering from surgery, or you need some advice for your specific condition, contact the friendly and award winning specialists at North West Physiotherapy.

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