Pilates Classes for Men & Women in the Area

How can you benefit from taking North West Physiotherapy’s Pilates? Brisbane men and women can effectively build strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as relieve stress through the controlled and guided activation of the core muscles.

What Makes North West Physiotherapy’s Pilates  Different from Others?

With North West Physiotherapy’s Pilates, men and women will work through a series of mat and equipment exercises that are based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. Our expertise in the musculoskeletal system enables us to tailor Pilates to those who choose to attend for fitness as well as those who require injury rehabilitation, something which other Brisbane Pilates centres can’t offer.

Benefits include:

  • Increased core stability
  • Improved general fitness, strength and flexibility
  • Stress relief
  • Greater balance and body awareness
  • Improved posture and muscle tone

For more information about specific times and prices, please select a clinic location below.

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