Bounce Back

Removing Pain while Changing the Way You Move and Think

The BOUNCE back Active Rehabilitation System is a structured and easy to follow exercise program specifically designed to help you move with confidence. BOUNCE Back has been medically researched and has a huge body of supporting evidence to show its success for those suffering back pain.

Designed by one of Australia’s best spinal experts, Australian Olympic physiotherapist, Trish Wisbey-Roth, BOUNCE Back individually focuses each muscle group in a systematic method never before applied to minimise the recurrence of pain.

Each cost-effective 8-week BOUNCE Back course requires you only attend a weekly 30 minute clinic appointment.
The sessions are conducted one-on-one with our qualified and experienced physiotherapists.
Learn about how correct muscle movement will reduce pain and make you move more efficiently.
BOUNCE Back is unlike any other exercise program available today because it suits all levels of ability and fitness including:

  • People with significant back pain
  • Post-surgical patients
  • Preparing your body for Pilates or general exercise, no matter what your condition
  • Physical workers wanting to get back to work
  • Elite athletes looking for that extra performance edge.

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