Exercise Based Rehabilitation in the Comfort of 32 Degree Water

“Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Physiotherapy is a specific physiotherapy technique which combines the properties of water with the knowledge and skills of the therapist, to make treatment more effective to improve the outcome of the rehabilitation process. Hydrotherapy is a physiotherapy treatment modality carried out in water by physiotherapist.” (Definition developed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association in 1985).

Healing Properties

Specifically designed techniques and exercises implemented within the warmth and buoyancy of a water environment aim to reduce pain and promote muscle relaxation to increase joint range of movement, and flexibility, increase muscle strength and improve core stability and balance reactions.

Orthopaedic, spinal and arthritic are some conditions which respond really well to hydrotherapy. Treatment is offered on an individual one-on-one basis in a warm pool. (32 degrees C). Exercises and techniques are specifically tailored to your needs with a view to you continuing exercises independently at home.

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