We Don’t Just Treat Your Pain. We Ensure it Doesn’t Come Back

The underlying philosophy at North West Physiotherapy is not only to remove your pain with a treatment, but to get to the underlying cause of your problem to ensure the pain never returns. A key factor to achieving success is helping you understand your specific condition, whether you came to our practice seeking lower back pain relief, a remedy for an old sports injury, or treatment for some other issue. Once you know what is really causing your pain, you are more likely to be truly committed to your effective treatment plan and a long-term solution so that your relief lasts. Remember, the treatment of your pain is a two way street, both you and your healthcare provider need to work together to ensure long term success.

The North West physiotherapists approach your problem in four main phases:

Diagnosis of Pain

Each physiotherapist is trained to listen carefully to your problems and your particular situation, not make assumptions, and complete specific tests to determine the underlying cause of your pain. You may, for instance, have come to us seeking relief and think you need a lower back pain treatment, only to discover that the pain you feel is actually caused by an issue in another part of the body.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

As a modern and forward thinking practice, North West Physiotherapy offers a range of treatment options to resolve your back pain. This means that if you come to our practice, for instance, your specific treatment plan will be tailored to suit your needs and designed to fit with your lifestyle. By having a range of options to choose from, the specialists at Northwest Physiotherapy are more able to get great results, by way of your customised lower back pain treatment, in the shortest possible timeframe to not only get you pain free quicker, but also save you time and money.

Some of the treatment options available at North West Physiotherapy may include things like joint mobilizations (not harsh cracking), stretches, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy (e.g. Ultrasound and TENS, exercise), computerised Gait and Posture analysis, hydrotherapy, remedial massage, acupuncture, structured exercise programming and more. The type or combination of procedures you receive, whether it’s for your lower back or any other part of your body, will depend on your physiotherapist’s assessment and your own needs.

Exercise Programs for Back Pain Treatment

A range of individualised, simple home programs which include exercises, stretches and strengthening options may also be provided to you. Northwest Physiotherapy is able to offer BOUNCE Back Classes to their patients which enable rapid long term solutions, not only for the relief of pain but also for continued wellbeing, to a range of clients.

Prevention of Lower Back Pain and Other Ailments

It’s not enough to just eliminate the pain, whether in your back or any other part of the body. The professionals at North West Physiotherapy are committed to getting your body functioning effectively in order to stop the pain from returning in the future. They may offer advice regarding your posture, changing your pillow or suggestions on effective ways to improve your work environment. They will even give you assistance with your ongoing exercise and healthcare needs. These preventative measures will help lower your chances of the pain returning.

If you’re searching for solutions for your lower back and have previously been dissatisfied with the results you were afforded by another practitioner or treatment plan, call us at (07) 3353 4111 to book a consultation. Our award-winning physiotherapists have the expertise, experience and training necessary to help you find real relief from pain, once and for all. Ensure the pain doesn’t come back – call us!