Are you living with muscular pain or discomfort? Or have you been injured in the workplace or whilst exercising? There is no need to suffer aches and pain any longer, North West Physiotherapy is your answer for muscular pain relief and healthy lifestyle advice for the north side of Brisbane. We have 3 convenient clinic locations across North Brisbane for you to choose from, and our staff are experienced and will listen carefully to understand your needs before advising the best healthcare solution to suit your specific lifestyle. When it comes to visiting a physio, Bald Hills locals of all ages can rely on North West Physiotherapy to help them return to good health and maintain it!


Our Principal Physio, Ben Dansie has developed his professional knowledge at our Everton Park clinic and carries through the North West Physio philosophies in providing high quality, personalised care for a diverse range of client needs. Our aim is to address your needs with the most appropriate treatment plans and return you to your optimum level of health. We don’t stop there however, as we will continue working with you to maintain those levels long term. Whilst fundamental physio practices are the cornerstone of all that we do, our holistic approach to your health may also include techniques such as dry needling/western acupuncture, massage, and Bounce Back core strengthening programs and tailor exercises specifically for your individual needs.


Bald Hills locals are only a short drive away from our Eatons Hill clinic, where we are located on the ground floor (underground carpark) in the recently completed Eatons Hill Village situated next to the Eatons Hill Hotel. We are the most recent addition to the North West Physiotherapy Group and our client list is growing fast.


Your needs are unique, are treatments are tailored for you specifically


We believe our high levels of customer care and support really have set us apart from our compettiors and this is why we have so many long term clients. North West Physio has spent many years refining our processes to deliver great outcomes for our clients as well as ensuring their every need is taken care of along the way. We know many of our clients have busy lives and schedules so our reception staff work with you to book appoinments that suit your schedule. And it doesn’t matter whether your in urgent need or if you are coming for a check up we can usually book you an appointment on the same day at our Eaton’s Hill clinic. So there is no need to delay, call us to discuss your needs and book your initial consultation.


Holistic Healthcare


The benefit of being a part of a group of clinics is that we have the ability to provide treatment services beyond physio to deliver desired outcomes in pain relief and allieviating discomfort. Pilates classes, acupuncture, massage, and Bounce Back classes can be offered as part of a holistic approach to your recovery and maintenance of good health. Utilising these supporting treatments allows your physio to deliver a treatment plan that addresses all your needs, and we can do this without sending you to other health care professionals- we have it all in-hose! As an example if you required treatments such as acupuncture most physio practices would have to refer you to a specialist clinic. Our holistic approach to patient care has seen us integrate complementary treatments to assist and expediate the process of recovery.


In addition to your treatment plan we have a range of physio products available for purchase that may assist in your treatment. These including products such as steerable kneewalkers, and SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts. Your physio will provide recommendations for your own in-home care and the most suitable products, if we do not carry a particular item your physio will advise on where best to find it.



Looking for a stress-relieving massage? Feel the difference with a registered Physio


In the past if you required a massage Bald Hills clients would search for and book and appointment with a massage therapist. Our experienced physio team can deliver massage as part of your treatment plan, our profession is primarily focussed on the body’s muscular system so your physio is an appropriate choice in providing massage services to relieve stress and pain using effective methods and techniques. Talk to our team of professionals if you would like to include massage into your treatments when discussing your appointment.


Acupuncture- Age old techniques are still some of the best!


There are many benefits that can be derived from acupuncture, also known as dry needling. Our therapists will often recommend adding dry needling for back pain for instance. When dry needling is added to a treatment plan for your back, you may discover that the back pain which plagued you for so long is eased faster and more effectively. Needling can also be beneficial for much more than just your back!


When looking for a clinic that provides acupuncture, Bald Hills locals would have to find a specialised clinic. Our expert staff are fully qualified and, in most cases, can provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved circulation and/or a reduction in stiffness using acupuncture techniques. We use dry needling as one part of a specific and individualised treatment program which could also include hands on treatment, exercises and even electrotherapy.


Book a consultation today


For Bald Hills residents, Eaton’s Hill is your closest clinic. We are also located at Everton Hills and Keperra. There is ample parking available at all clinics, and we will be able to book you in for an appointment even at short notice. So, if you are suffering with aches and pains, require injury therapy, or looking to experience the benefits of dry needling, call your nearest clinic today to discuss your needs.


North West Physiotherapy Eatons Hill is located at the newly built Eatons Hill Village next to the Eatons Hill Hotel on South Pine Rd. The clinic is positioned in the lower ground car park next to 12RNDS gym, with ample parking both underground and above.