kneewalkerThe steerable kneewalker keeps you active when lower limb conditions, injuries, surgery or accidents prevent lower limb weightbearing.

It is the perfect alternative to crutches, as it enables you to maintain knee and hip strength while recovering.


  • Improved mobility with less energy.
  • Increased stability and comfort.
  • Folds for easy storage and transport.

The Kneewalker is perfect for anyone that has “below knee” pathology. Examples include sprained ankles, foot fractures, ruptured Achilles tendons, bunions, gout, lower limb amputations & lower extremity ulcers (often resulting from diabetes).

Visit the Kneewalker website for more information.

Steerable Kneewalkers are available to hire at North West Physiotherapy. Ask our friendly staff for more information, or to arrange to hire a Kneewalker for yourself.