How do they work?

The graduated gentle compression promotes supporting pressure to your muscles, due to the anatomical panels and fabric construction technology. SRC compression garments enable and stimulate muscles for enhanced performance, injury prevention or muscle recovery.

By activating the core muscles with gentle compression this provides support and enables strengthening of the lower abdominal and back muscles, facilitating an improvement in core stability. Our womens compression sportswear features a proprietary luxurious fabric and breathable power mesh lining, designed and tested specifically for SRC compression garments.

Who do they help – women of all ages?

  • Women wanting superior pelvic, lower abdominal and back support
  • Reduction of muscle soreness both during and after activity
  • Support related pelvic girdle pain (PGP)
  • Injury prone? – reduced risk of injury to keep you active for longer
  • Reduce symptoms of urinaryincontinence
  • Looking to improve core stability!
  • Enhanced athletic performance and muscle recovery post activity

If you are looking for sports compression garments that also provide support to the thighs and lower leg area, SRC Sports Leggings are also available

If you would like more information or would like to purchase SRC Sports Shorts, please call us on 3353 4111

SRC Sports Shorts