Bodyflow® speeds up the removal of swelling or fluid and increases circulation allowing your body to recover faster

Bodyflow® is a clinically proven world-first electrotherapy specifically targeting smooth muscle found within veins, arteries and lymphatics, speeding up fluid drainage & increase blood flow circulation.

Clinical trials have proven Bodyflow® Technology effective for the treatment of Lymphoedema, post surgery, acute injury swelling, sports recovery and enhancing sports performance.

Post surgery

Using Bodyflow® post surgery increases the flow of blood and lymph within the body, allowing affected areas to be supplied with the essential nutrients required for healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.

Sports Recovery

Bodyflow® therapy is the gold standard in sports recovery, flushing out the toxins and by-products created from exercise enabling the athlete to recover from sporting activities and injuries faster.


Stimulation of the lymphatic system using Bodyflow® Therapy encourages fluids and their contents to be flushed out of the spaces between the cells of the body (interstitium) in a treatment that only involves contact with the skin with special pads so Lymphoedema sufferers can get back to enjoying life.

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