Sports Physio Everton Park

Sports Physio Everton Park

Are you looking for a sports physio Everton Park?

Take away all those aches and pains with the help of the highly experienced, highly qualified team at North West Physiotherapy, Everton Park.

Hans Giebeler, Titled Sports Physiotherapist and former physio for the Brisbane Broncos and Brisbane Broncos has recently joined our practice and is available to help treat more complex, chronic and difficult cases.

As a sports physio he is also adept at treating cases where shorter recovery times are desired. Call North West Physiotherapy on 3353 4111 or book online anytime to secure your spot with our Sports Physio, Hans!

Meet Hans – Titled Sports Physiotherapist

In this blog, we wanted to introduce you to Hans who will be treating patients at our Everton Park clinic.

What is your experience and background?

I have been a Physio for 34 years and graduated with my Sports Physio qualification

26 years ago (in 1992) from Curtin University, Western Australia. The experience and additional training I’ve undertaken can best be described as building on the existing knowledge and skills every physio has and applying them in a very specific context – sport.

Tell us about the evolution of sports physiotherapy during your career?

I have seen a lot change and progress including the introduction of now commonplace arthroscopic surgery – for both athletes and general members of the public. And with this has come the need for accelerated recovery and rehabilitation periods.

You’ve worked for elite and professional sporting teams. Tell us more about this.

During my years as a Sports Physio I have worked with athletes across several sporting disciplines – from field hockey and rugby league to basketball, triathlon and cycling.

Roles that I am particularly proud of include being physio to the Australian U21 Men’s Hockey Team, the Brisbane Bullets Basketball Team and the Brisbane Broncos (rugby league).

The work was very satisfying because you saw athletes return to high performance in short periods of time; remembering that these fine-tuned athletes are professionals and extremely dedicated, given it is their job. I spent two years at each club resulting in four very busy and intense years of travel, work and great memories.

Career highlight?

Pinpointing one single career highlight is almost impossible.

The part of my role that gives me the greatest satisfaction as a Sports Physio is seeing the person who returns to play after months of rehab, who is not at the elite level, who works a 9-5 Monday to Friday job or similar, has family responsibilities, yet still trains 3 times a week and works incredibly hard to get back to ‘A’ grade. It’s why I love being a sports physio here in Everton Park!

What is your philosophy to patient care?

My philosophy to patient care is pretty simple – manage people’s movement problems like you would want yours to be managed. For me, it begins and ends with the relationship.

As Physios, we spend quite a bit of time with our clients, we communicate with our clients to understand how their movement problems interfere with their enjoyment of life, work and sport participation.

Through those conversations we get to know our clients quite well and most often a good relationship is established.

We are a ‘caring profession’ and we are human after all.

What do you enjoy most about being a sports physio?

What I enjoy most about being a Sports Physio is the opportunity to mix with clients and colleagues from all corners of the globe who speak a similar language of self-betterment – be it fitness, wellbeing, elite sport or just being a better Physio. Very philosophical, I know.

Sports Physio Everton Park

If you’re looking to find a Sports Physio who is highly skilled and trained at treating complex musculoskeletal issues, book an appointment with Hans today!

Call us now on 3353 4111. Our online booking system is also available to make reservations 24/7 so you can book online at a time that suits you.


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