High-Performance Testing can help athletes, gym lovers or people returning to sport perform at their peak and reduce their risk of injury.

Available exclusively at North West Physiotherapy’s Nundah clinic, our high- performance testing is physio-led and uses cutting-edge technology to measure and evaluate a person’s physical condition, along with a variety of strength and weakness indicators.

The equipment we use for this assessment is recognised by professional sporting teams and academies around the world as the level of detail it provides is unrivalled.

For comprehensive, data driven high performance testing to inform your training and competition preparation, get in touch!

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Individual screenings can be completed within a standard physio consultation and can be booked Monday to Saturday.

For larger group or team assessments, please call the clinic so that an appropriate time can be organised.

What is High Performance Testing?

High performance testing is undertaken with a physiotherapist and involves the use of objective measurements and data to evaluate a person’s physical readiness to perform athletic and high exertion tasks.

A thorough high-performance screening will involve elements of a range of motion assessment and isolated strength testing, as well as more functional measurements of speed, power, balance and agility.

The data generated during a high-level testing session will be converted is quantitative (think tables and graphs) that clearly highlight areas for improvement and provide strategies to address these.

Benefits of High-Performance Testing

There are many advantages to high-performance screenings.

  • Allows for achievable and measurable performance goals to be set.
  • Identifies particular areas that may be at higher risk of injury due to physical deficits and asymmetries between an athlete’s dominant and non-dominant sides.
  • Provides baseline data that can be used as a comparator during a patient’s rehab journey and inform decisions around return to training and play.

Who can Benefit from High-Performance a Testing?

Screenings are hugely beneficial for:

  • Junior and senior athletes across all sports: Having an assessment done prior to an upcoming season can allow for injury prevention strategies to be put in place.
  • Social athletes as well as gym goers: A screening can help to identify areas of deficiency, and enable them to modify training and workout programs accordingly.
  • Anyone returning to any form of physical activity or sport after a significant amount of time off: This testing can help them to generate realistic and achievable goals and select target areas for improvement.

About Our Equipment

As part of this service, North West Physiotherapy has access to world-leading equipment available from VALD Performance, with each piece providing hugely valuable information and data.

  • NordBord: The NordBord monitors and quantifies a person’s hamstring strength and imbalance.
  • ForceFrame: The ForceFrame is designed to test and measure muscle strength and imbalances in the upper and lower body. It also helps health professionals to prescribe personalised isometric training exercises.
  • Force Decks: ForceDecks are wireless force platforms which can assess balance, strength and power throughout a range of exercises and jumps. This piece of equipment offers unique insight into asymmetries, movement strategies and neuromuscular performance.