Many athletes and gym goers understand the crucial role rest and recovery play after physical exertion, but did you know that North West Physio has a specialist Recovery Science room open to the public?

We offer a dedicated recovery science service at our Everton Park and Lutwyche clinics. It helps to promote a faster recovery from physical exertion, allowing for increased training load and intensity.

With state-of-the-art recovery equipment and facilities, our trained staff on-site are able to provide guidance and assistance to help you maximise your time during your session.

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We offer recovery science sessions at our Everton Park, Lutwyche and Nundah clinics. 

Recovery sessions run for approximately 30 minutes and are priced at $30 per use.

What is Recovery Science?

Recovery science combines an understanding of the physiological contributors to recovery with research and evidence-based intervention strategies to aid and speed up recovery.

At North West Physio, we incorporate cutting edge recovery equipment to help boost circulation, blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The benefits? It helps people to overcome fatigue, post-training soreness and other physical stressors that can occur as a result of exercise, training or sporting games.

Who Can Benefit from Recovery Science?

Our recovery science service appeals a diverse audience.

  1. Elite athletes, coaches and trainers: This service plays a crucial part in providing a competitive edge for elite athletes, coaches and trainers, as it can aid in both prevention and rehabilitation to enhance performance.
  2. Social athletes and gym goers: Social athletes, gym goers and all individuals who participate in training of all levels can also utilise the service to optimise their performance and avoid injuries associated with lack of recovery.
  3. Anyone with an injury: Finally, any individuals with acute or long-term injuries will benefit from the incorporation of this service to facilitate a rapid recovery.

Recovery Science Equipment

We utilise some of the world’s leading rapid recovery and high-performance devices, including NormaTec Recovery systems and Power Play Cold Compression Therapy.

  • NormaTec PULSE recovery systems: These use a patented pulse massage pattern and dynamic compression to massage limbs, mobilise fluid and speed up recuperation.
  • PowerPlay cold compression therapy: This equipment aims to stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing by using the combination of intermittent compression and cold therapy.