Dry Needling

Brisbane Dry Needling: Ancient Techniques Delivered by Physiotherapists for Great Results

Dry needling is one of the oldest recorded forms of medicine, having been used for over 3000 years in China. Modern science has shown that acupuncture stimulates the brain to produce natural pain relieving chemical endorphins. These can help the body to heal itself and give pain relief. When you go for dry needling in Brisbane, this is what happens:

The Chinese medicine theory is that ‘Qi’ (energy) flows round the body in channels known as meridians. If the Qi is flowing freely, the body is in a healthy state, but if the energy stagnates or there is blockage in a meridian it causes pain. The insertion of needles into acupoints is believed to unblock the meridian and therefore relieve pain.

Dry Needling for those in Brisbane & the Surrounding Areas

acupuncture-dry-needlingAt North West Physiotherapy, dry needling is performed by experienced physiotherapists. Strict hygiene rules are followed and single use disposable needles are used by every physiotherapist at our practice. The needles used are very fine. You may feel a slight pin prick which gives only temporary discomfort, not pain. The deep needling sensation may be an ache, warmth, heaviness or tingling and is known as the ‘de qi’ effect. This is part of the successful response to acupuncture men and women can likely expect to experience.

Research has shown that most people get pain relief from acupuncture, although it does not work for everyone. The effects are cumulative, with pain relief building as your acupuncture treatment progresses. Some people who seek dry needling for back pain, stress relief, or any other injury or pain have a good response to treatment, while others less so.

Dry Needling and Healing Properties

There are many benefits that can be derived from dry needling. Brisbane men and women who visit a physiotherapist will likely experience pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved circulation and/or a reduction in stiffness. What makes seeing a physio at North West Physiotherapy different from the experience you would have if you were to visit another physio Brisbane has to offer, is that we use dry needling as one part of a specific and individualised treatment program which could also include hands on treatment, exercises and even electrotherapy. Our therapists will often recommend adding dry needling for back pain, for instance. When dry needling is added to a treatment plan for your back, you may discover that the back pain which plagued you for so long is eased faster and more effectively. And needling can be beneficial for much more than just your back!

Conditions that may be appropriate for dry needling treatment include joint and muscle pain or tightness, tennis elbow, some sciatic and nerve pains.

Assessment of your individual condition by the physiotherapist is required to determine if dry needling is appropriate. Brisbane men and women seeking an alternative approach to satisfying their health needs are encouraged to call us for more information on this and the other services we provide: (07) 3353 4111. If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding area, you owe it to yourself to find relief at North West Physiotherapy!

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