Posture Analysis

Your posture is often the key to normal healthy movement

Your posture is often directly related to your pain and discomfort. By carefully evaluating and understanding the biomechanics around your posture, the physiotherapists are then able to determine a healthcare path that will lead to your long-term recovery and normal movement.

A “Posture Pro” Analysis, combined with our specific tests will help your physiotherapist uncover the extent of your unique imbalances and allow them to determine what needs to be done to specifically help you improve your movement and remove any pain you are experiencing.

posture-proWith the Posture Pro 7 technology, the specialists at North West Physiotherapy are able to take a digital picture of your posture and analyse where your centre of mass and centre of gravity are aligned. This gives them and you a visual representation of the stresses being placed on your muscles, ligaments and joints, thus generating your “posture number”.

The Posture Pro 7 “posture number” equates to the deviation of your posture from an anatomically normal posture. It is a numerical depiction of the stress your posture places on your spine and surrounding structures. Over time, this extra stress can begin to break down spinal discs and cause joint instability. This is a condition known as degenerative joint disease of the spine, leading to pain, loss of movement and nerve damage. By the time you suffer these symptoms, it may be too late, so it’s important that these issues are detected sooner rather than later.

The Posture Pro computer software is used to analyse your posture as part of your initial consultation and examination. Combined with a range of other tests, this allows your physiotherapist to look at your structural balance and understand what structure is working for you, or against you?

Organise your posture assessment at North West Physiotherapy today and get on the path to normal healthy movement.

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