When it comes to visiting a physio, Ashgrove locals of all ages can rely on North West Physiotherapy to help them return to good health and maintain it! If you have been suffering from muscular pain or perhaps recovering from an injury, our physio team will work with you to reduce pain and repair sore muscles. If you are an Ashgrove resident you are only a short 10 minute drive to our clinic located at Keperra. Led by Clinic Director, Tim West, our experienced staff conduct a thorough consultation to understand your needs before advising the perfect healthcare solution to return you to good health. We also provide other health related services such as massage, acupuncture, posture consultation, and pilates classes to assist you with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


North West Physio currently have 3 clinics across North Brisbane, our Keperra clinic, located in the Greater Western Super Centre is the most convenient for our Ashgrove clients. Our Keperra clinic has been open for 3 years, our director Tim spent a number of years at the North West Physio Everton Park clinic and brings with him the core values that exist throughout the organisation.

Returning you to your optimum level of health is our number 1 focus, so we look beyond your initial treatment and develop ongoing plans to maintain those levels for the long term. Core physio practices are the cornerstone for all of our treatment plans, however where we we see fit your physio can include complimentary practices such as massage, dry needling/western acupuncture, and Bounce Back core strengthening programs. You are treated as an individual and therefore your care plan is tailored specifically for your requirements.


Work with a physio that cares about your indiviual needs

We believe our commitment to client care through assisting our clients to reach and maintain high standards of health and wellbeing sets us apart from our competitors. Our customer service practices have been developed to a high standard so that our clients have the best possible experience while they are with us. We understand most of our clients lead busy lives, so when you book in for services such as physio treatments, acupuncture or massage we aim to secure a day and time that suits your schedule. Ashgrove residents know they can come to our Keperra clinic for treating muscular discomfort and helping in the recovery from injury, and in most cases we can see you on the same day so call us to discuss your needs and book your initial consultation.

A Clinic that Supplies Much More than Standard Physio Treatments

As we are part of a larger group of clinics we have the ability to provide various treatment services to effectively relieve pain and allieviate discomfort. Along with physio treatments, we also provide Bounce Back classes, acupuncture, massage and pilates classes, just to name a few. Applying these complimentry treatments allows your physio to tailor a care plan that goes beyond what most other physio practices can provide. If you for example require treatments such as acupuncture most physio practices would have to refer you to a specialist clinic. Our holistic approach to client care has seen us integrate other forms of treatment using in-house practitioners, our goal to make your path to recovery as fast as possible.

In addition to your treatment plan we have a range of physio products available for purchase that may assist in your recovery. These including products such as steerable kneewalkers, and SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts. Your physio will provide recommendations for your own in-home care and the most suitable products, if we do not carry a particular item your physio will advise on where best to find it.

Looking for a stress-relieving massage? Feel the difference with a registered Physio

Previously when requiring a massage Ashgrove clients would generally use the services of a massage therapist. If you are looking for a massage, look no further than an experienced physio. Our profession is primarily focussed on the body’s muscular system so we are able to provide massage services. Our Physio’s can provide massage to relieve stress and pain using highly effective methods and techniques. If you would like to included massage into your treatment talk to our team of professionals when discussing your needs.

Acupuncture- Age old techniques are still some of the best!

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique for relieving muscle tension, also known as dry needling. Acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body, most often with a needle penetrating the skin, to alleviate pain or to help treat various health conditions. Your physio may recommend a session of dry needling for ailments such as back pain. When dry needling is added to a treatment plan, it is quite possible that the discomfort which you might be feeling is eased faster and more effectively. Dry needling can be beneficial for most areas of the body.

When searching for a practice that delivers acupuncture, Ashgrove residents would have to locate a specialised clinic. All of our staff experienced and, in most cases, dry needling can provide many benefits including improved circulation, reduction in stiffness, and general pain relief and muscle relaxation by applying acupuncture techniques. We use dry needling as one part of a specific and individualised treatment program which could also include hands on treatment, exercises and even electrotherapy.

Book a consultation today

For Ashgrove residents, our Keperra clinic is only a short drive away. We are also located at Everton Park and Eatons Hill. All of our locations have ample parking available and in a lot of cases we can book you in for a consultation on the same day. So, if you are suffering with aches and pains, require injury therapy, or looking to experience the benefits of dry needling, call our Keperra clinic today on 3198 4444 to discuss your needs.