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How to Improve Posture

If you’re finding yourself slouching and experiencing back or neck pain, our blog about how to improve posture might be able to help.

In this blog we run through:

  • Problems caused by bad posture
  • Benefits of good posture
  • Ways to improve how you sit
  • How to sit when working from home, and
  • Recommendations about posture corrector devices.

Our team of qualified physios at our clinics across Brisbane can help you to develop a tailored treatment and exercise program for your specific posture concerns. So, come and visit us today, or make an appointment online.

Benefits of Good Posture

Correct posture minimises the load on joints and allows muscles to function optimally.

This not only helps to avoid pain and discomfort but can also improve focus and productivity and reduce fatigue.

Common Side Effects of Bad Posture

When your body is placed in an unnatural position for a prolonged period of time, increased strain is placed on small joints and muscles that can then lead to overloading and pain.

Poor posture can cause a wide range of problems, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain, and
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (just to name a few!)

How Can I Improve My Posture While Sitting?

Everyone knows that slouching is a bad idea – but over-correcting your posture can be just as harmful.

Rather than trying to forcefully pull your shoulders back and ‘sit up straight’, it is best to try to stay as relaxed as possible and simply get your head to sit comfortably on top of your shoulders, and your shoulders comfortably on top of your hips.

If you notice that you are holding tension in your lower back, shoulders or neck, you should relax completely and reset the position.

How to Sit When Working from Home

Are you setting up your work from home station, or hoping to make your home office more user-friendly?

Here’s how to position your body:

  1. Your feet should be flat on the floor (or on a footrest),
  2. Your hips should be level with or slightly higher than your knees, so your knees are bent to around 90 degrees.
  3. Your back and neck should be in a comfortable, neutral position with your ears, and,
  4. Your shoulders and hips should be in a vertical line.

Once you are in this position you can move your workstation around to match your body.

Keep in mind that the top of your monitor should be at eye level to prevent excessive neck movement in any one direction.

Also, when using your keyboard and mouse, your elbows should be at about 90 degrees.

For more tips about home office ergonomics, read our blog here.

Recommendations About Posture Correcting Devices

At North West Physio, we tend to avoid recommending braces that physically pull your shoulders back. That’s because these can still result in the head sitting forward and they don’t encourage postural muscles to strengthen.

More often we recommend some devices which give the user feedback about when they have moved outside of a good position.

They typically remind the user to correct their posture with a beep or a vibration.

This results in postural muscles gradually strengthening and the user becoming more aware of when they need to correct their position. That means eventually the user won’t need the device at all. An example of this is the Upright GO system.

How to Improve Posture

If you’re experiencing any pain as a result of poor posture, or you’re struggling to set up your working from home station, please reach out to our professional physiotherapists for further advice.

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