How to avoid injury after coronavirus lockdownReturning to exercise after coronavirus lockdownReturning to Exercise - How to avoid injury after Coronavirus lockdown

The latest blog from North West Physiotherapy looks at returning to exercise and how to avoid injury after coronavirus lockdown.

For some people, the forced time at home may have led them to continue their fitness journey with at-home workouts. While others who exercise at gyms or attend group classes, may have been thrown by the change in routine and unable to find workout options they enjoy.

That’s why we believe all people should consult their health professional and approach any return to exercise with caution – especially if you’ve been inactive or not as active you would normally be.

Keep reading for some of our top tips on how to prepare your body for exercise and avoid injury.

Tips for Returning to Exercise After Coronavirus Lockdown

We understand you may have spent more time on the couch than usual because the gym’s been closed, or you just haven’t been as mobile due to Coronavirus restrictions.

That’s why we believe exercise should be approached with caution and only with supervision or advice from your health professional.

Three of our top tips to help you avoid injury include:

1. Warm up and stretch:

This is vital to get the blood running through your limbs and to make sure your muscles are at an optimal length to function.

Muscles generate force by contracting and relaxing, so if they are already in a tight/contracted position it will be really difficult for them to generate enough power for you to perform the exercises properly.

2. Ensure you’re using proper technique:

Proper technique is necessary to limit strain on important parts of the body, such as your neck and back.

As these areas are not designed to take large amounts of strain, we must make sure any force generated is actually directed at the muscles that we want to strengthen. Otherwise you could be wasting a lot of time and effort – or even worse injuring or damaging those vital body parts!

3. Give your body time to recover:

Your most important days are rest days as that is when your muscles are actually getting stronger!

If muscles are put under constant stress every day they will not strengthen as quickly as they could. That’s because their energy will be devoted to performing the exercises, rather than using that energy to grow stronger.

How Can A Physio Help with Your Return to Exercise?

Our expert therapists at North West Physio are based in Brisbane and are here to assist you with your return to exercise, to ensure you reach your peak again as safely as possible. 

We believe proper guidance with stretching, technique and recovery is vital. Monitoring your improvement is also important, so you can progress the exercises when you are ready and able. 

Without assistance from a trained professional, we find people often try to progress too quickly and wind up injured – or don’t do enough to see the results they’re capable of!

Returning to Exercise: How to Avoid Injury After Coronavirus Lockdown

If you’re ready to return to a more strenuous exercise routine after some downtime, it’s important to seek professional advice and proper supervision.

Talk to the team at North West Physiotherapy today and take the first step towards returning to your peak.

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