should I see a chiropractor or physiotherapist for neck pain

Should I See a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist for Neck Pain?

Are you wondering: should I see a chiropractor or physiotherapist for neck pain? 

At North West Physio, we believe physios take a much more holistic approach when it comes to treating neck pain.  

We would never discredit other health practitioners so encourage you to read more and decide what is best for you. 

In this blog we explain a bit more about the best types of therapy and how our team can help to alleviate your aches and pains as fast and safely as possible – and provide long-term relief by treating the cause of your neck issues, not just the symptoms.  

What is the Best Therapy for Neck Pain?   

Determining the best therapy for neck pain will depend on what is actually causing it.  

This consultation is typically done in-person, but can also be conducted via video chat (known as telehealth).  

We believe a combination of joint mobilisations, massage, stretches and gentle strengthening work is usually the best approach for neck pain.  

In our experience, chiropractor appointments or sessions can be as little as 5 – 10 minutes, whereas the standard physiotherapy session offered here at North West is 30 minutes.  

This provides our practitioners time to:  

  1. Discuss and assess your personal situation  
  2. Provide treatment such as massage or mobilisations  
  3. Recommend a treatment plan and prescribe gentle exercise or stretches  

How can a Physio Help with Neck Pain?  

Compared to some other health professionals, we believe physios will take a much more holistic approach to treatment, with the main aim of getting your problem fixed for good.  

A physio will not only treat the initial symptoms to get you out of pain fast, they will also look at the root cause of your issue.  

Among the techniques used, physios most commonly rely on:  

  • Massage of muscles and connective tissues  
  • Dry needling 
  • Gentle touch (such as Craniosacral Therapy) to help release muscles, tissues and membranes around the central nervous system 

Our philosophy at North West is to always recommend simple strategies (including at home exercises and stretches) to help minimise the chance that your neck pain will become ongoing in nature.  

When considering which treatment option is right for you, it’s important to remember: 

  • Our physios would certainly never recommend a treatment plan that could go on for months (or even many years) where the emphasis is simply maintenance.  
  • Our physios also do not use techniques such as harsh cracking which tend to cause dependency on recurrent and ongoing treatments.  

Should I Stretch My Neck If It Hurts?  

Usually yes, but always consult your physiotherapist first.  

It is possible to stretch your neck in the “wrong” direction which could aggravate the situation. 

How can I Strengthen My Neck Muscles at Home? 

Our physios can provide a structured and easy-to-follow exercise program to strengthen the muscles around your neck.  

These programs are designed to suit your needs and your lifestyle. For example, they may be incorporated into your existing gym or pilates program, or they may be set-up for you to easily perform at home or work! 

Should I see a chiropractor or physiotherapist for neck pain? 

When determining the best treatment for your neck pain, it’s always important to seek advice from a qualified health professional. 

If you believe physio is right for you, the North West Physio team is here to help. Talk to us to learn more, or make an appointment with us today.  

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