Seniors Strenght and Balance Classes

Seniors Strength and Balance Classes Keperra

No matter your fitness level, we encourage you to try our friendly Seniors classes led by a qualified physiotherapist today!

The Seniors Classes at North West Physiotherapy are designed as a circuit type session with:

  • half the exercises concentrating on balance, and
  • the other half on upper limb, lower limb and core strength exercises.

Our enjoyable classes cater for all fitness levels and sessions are tailored to help achieve each participant’s exercise and lifestyle goals.

At North West Physiotherapy, our supervising physiotherapist can easily make adjustments to any exercise to ensure safe and effective exercise or rehabilitation based on your personal needs.

What to Expect

Prior to your first class, all participants will be required to undergo an assessment to identify your current physical strengths and weaknesses (such as mobility, strength, coordination and balance).

Your physiotherapist will record your scores at your initial assessment, reassessing the same tests at regular intervals to track your improvements. This is not designed to intimidate, rather provide a benchmark so we can celebrate your wins with you!

Who Should Participate?

Anyone looking to maintain their mobility, strength, balance and flexibility in their later years should ensure they are doing some form of regular exercise every week.

Here at North West Physiotherapy Everton Park, we pride ourselves on creating a very positive and friendly environment, ensuring you feel welcome from your very first Seniors Class.

Regardless of your physical attributes and exercise goal, our physiotherapists can monitor and modify your exercises to ensure a challenging but safe whole-body workout.


There are many benefits of participating in regular strength and balance exercises – particularly our Seniors Strength Class Everton Park – including:

  1. Helping maintain or improve general health and well-being, including mobility into your later years
  2. Building confidence with movement and function
  3. An environment where you can enjoy exercising with like-minded people
  4. Exercise classes that are instructed and supervised by a qualified physiotherapist
  5. Well researched, age and skill appropriate exercises to improve strength and balance
  6. Helping prevent falls
  7. Teaching correct exercise techniques for optimal results
  8. Setting achievable training goals to help continually improve your strength and balance.

Classes Currently Held:


  • Mondays 10.30am & 4.15pm
  • Tuesdays 11.15am

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