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Sports Injury Physio

When you need a sports injury physio in Brisbane, North West Physiotherapy is the team to talk to.

Our highly qualified therapists see a range of sporting injuries and work hard to develop an individualised treatment plan and get you back on the field, in the pool, on the court or on the track as soon as possible.

We find injuries are very common at the beginning of a sporting season, as many players do little exercise during the break and so are deconditioned. People may also have injuries that did not heal properly and are aggravated by the increased activity.

Injuries are also more frequent at the end of the season when everyone is pushing their bodies to the limit to get to the finals and do not want to have time off.

In this blog, we run through some of the most common sporting injuries we come across and treatment options.

Sports Physiotherapy Brisbane: Common Sports Injuries

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains often happen when a person’s foot rolls inwards and causes the ligament to stretch or tear.

This can happen in high intensity sports and an athlete jumps and lands at an awkward angle, or even low-intensity sports where a person simply steps onto uneven ground.

Ankle sprains can be very painful and bruising and swelling normally appear straight away.

Ankle sprains are grouped into three grades, depending on their seriousness. Grade 1 being a slight sprain – up to grade 3, which is a severe sprain.

Treating an Ankle Sprain

Immediately after the injury, people should follow:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression, and
  • Elevation

Crutches, a moon boot and or strapping may also be required.

To speed up the healing process, physiotherapy can help. This can include hands-on treatment, as well as strength and balance exercises.

Learn more in our blog about ankle sprain grades and treatment here.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures can be a serious problem for runners and high-level athletes and may progress over time if not treated promptly.

These types of fractures typically occur when the athlete is trying to increase their exercise regime too quickly.

Symptoms of a stress fracture include pain with weight bearing and pain that gets worse with activity.

Assessment of stress fractures can sometimes be tricky. If an X-Ray is negative a CT or MRI may show it.

Treating A Stress Fracture

Treatment of stress fractures involves rest.

When appropriate, activity levels can slowly be increased.

Flat Feet

Flat feet or foot pronation is not a sports injury but is very common and can lead to increased risk of sustaining a sports injury.

If your feet roll inwards, the knee will have a lot of pressure on the inside. This can cause a lot of knee problems if the alignment is not ideal.

At the hip, foot pronation will cause internal rotation. This can lead to hip and back pain.

How to Correct Overpronation

Foot pronation can be easily identified and treated.

Orthotics can be added to most shoes and changed between shoes.

Good supportive shoes are important for athletes.

Sports Injury Treatment

It is important to stop the activity when you are hurt, because continuing is likely to make the injury worse.

It is common for an injury to lead to swelling and bruising.

When there is an injury, the body releases inflammatory signals which cause vasodilation, widening the blood vessels.

Bruising below the injury is often seen because blood will pool downwards when the limb is down.

Treatment for a sports injury can include ice, rest, elevation, compression. Strapping can be used to support the injured area.

Once the injury is feeling better then activity can slowly be increased.

But don’t forget you need to walk before you can run!

Sports Injury Physio

Hurt yourself playing sport and keen to get back into action as soon as possible? A sports injury physio can help.

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