Exhausted runner

Symptoms of Overtraining

Have you been pushing yourself to get in shape, but are feeling run down and can’t perform like you normally do? You may be overtraining and not realise. 

Our experienced team of physios have compiled this blog to help you identify symptoms of overtraining and how to recover from it. 

What is Overtraining? 

Every body is different, and each one of us has a limit to the amount of physical stimulus we can handle.

When we want to see results quickly, especially if we’re trying to shed weight or working on a specific health goal, we can push our bodies too far and end up injured and exhausted.

This overtraining can cause pain and little niggles to surface in our body. If left ignored, you may end up with a serious injury or condition. 

Symptoms of Overtraining  

  • Sore muscles
  • Fatigue
  • Delay in recovery
  • Decrease in performance
  • Mood changes
  • Decrease immune system
  • Irregular menstrual cycle or loss of period
  • Decrease libido
  • Weight loss

How to Recover from Overtraining

If you’ve been overtraining, here a few ways to help your recovery:

  • Increase sleep
  • Rest more
  • Increase intake of calories, particularly protein

This is a case of prevention is better than a cure, so it’s important to develop a suitable exercise program and keep a log of what activity you do.

If you’re just starting an exercise program, gradually increase the frequency and intensity of your activity. And don’t forget to include rest days!

How do I Stop Overtraining when Running?

For runners, find a distance that you are comfortable with and stick with that for two weeks. 

Every 2-3 weeks from there, increase your running distance by 5-10% or maintain the distance while decreasing your average pace by 5-10%. 

How do I Stop Overtraining when Weight Lifting?

If you lift weights, break up your training into blocks of 4-5 weeks. 

Spend those 4-5 weeks at the same weight then have a de-load week where you lift at 50% of what you were doing. 

In the next block, slightly increase your lifting weights by 2-5kg and repeat the process.

Physiotherapy for Overtraining Injuries

If you know you’ve been doing too much and your body is experiencing more aches and pains than normal, or you’d like help developing an exercise program, book in with one of our trusted physios here.

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