Roger graduated from the University of QLD in 1988 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree and has worked extensively throughout Australia and the UK during his career. In 1996 he founded the North West Physiotherapy network of clinics which is now the largest provider of physiotherapy services on the Northside of Brisbane. He has a special interest in treatment of complex and chronic conditions as well as mentoring other physios and allied health professionals.

Podiatrist recommended shoes: how to choose back to school running shoes

Podiatrist recommended shoes: how to choose back-to-school running shoes by North West Physio Everton Park

Are you searching for a pair of podiatrist-recommended running shoes for your child’s return to school? As parents strive to equip their children with all they need for a successful academic year, one often overlooked aspect is the importance of proper footwear. Whether your child is hitting the cross-country track or simply running around the…

Exercise Physiology

The Importance of Exercise Physiology

If you are looking to improve your overall health, then you should consider incorporating exercise physiology into your life. An Exercise Physiologist can help you prevent injuries and improve your overall health. Our North West Physiotherapy  Everton Park clinic have Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) that are well trained in exercise physiology. They deliver tailored exercise…

Strength Training for Cyclists

Strength Training For Cyclists

Why? There’s an ever-growing amount of research that goes back approximately 20 years that demonstrates the performance enhancement and injury mitigation benefits of strength training in endurance athletes. Cycling is included. Cycling, in all of its forms (track, mountain bike, road) is essentially about the ability to generate power. Yes cardiovascular capabilities are important, but…