Sam is the director and principal physiotherapist of the latest North West clinic in Nundah. Over his 6 years with the North West group he has vast experience in treating all musculoskeletal conditions focusing on a hands-on approach to bring you back to full health. Sam has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with further training in Dry Needling, Sports/ Running injuries, Hip & Groin and Shoulder rehabilitation. He has a keen interest in running and football with a focus on preventative strengthening.

Benefits of pilates

Benefits of Pilates at North West Physio Nundah

Pilates provides a multitude of benefits that engage and challenge both mind and body. Pilates accommodates all individuals by focusing on movement control, core stability, postural awareness, breathing control, and pelvic floor activation. Classes incorporate a combination of: Resistance training with light weights, pilates rings and elasticised bands to improve your strength in your upper…

Football Injury Treatment - Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Football Injury Treatment

Football is an exhilarating game that demands speed, endurance, and tactical skills. However, the physical nature of the sport can sometimes lead to injuries.   Fortunately, effective football injury treatment can get you back in the game faster and stronger. At North West Physio Nundah, we specialise in this essential aspect of player care.    Common…