kids podiatry: 10 things a podiatrist can help with

Kids Podiatry: 10 things a Podiatrist Can Help With

If your child is experiencing issues with their feet or lower limbs and you’re not sure who can help, this blog covering kids podiatry and 10 things a podiatrist can help with, might be of interest.  

Feet play an incredibly important role to keep the body in alignment, and ensure your child is able to lead an active and fun-filled life. 

So, if you’ve noticed anything unusual about the way your child is walking, or they’ve got foot, back, knee or ankle pain, it could be time to seek professional help.  

At North West Physio, we’re proud to have partnered with The Pedalar Podiatry.  

That means you get access to two experienced health professionals working together under one roof to customise a holistic treatment plan for your child.  

Does My Child Need to See a Podiatrist?  

Symptoms vary from person to person and between conditions, but if your is child experiencing any of the below issues then we’d recommend seeing a qualified podiatrist.  

  • Walking awkwardly, including limping or hobbling 
  • Uneven or unusual wear on their shoes 
  • Foot, back or knee pain 
  • Arches which are too high or low 
  • Asymmetrical feet or legs 

Common Lower Leg and Foot Issues in Children 

A podiatrist will assess your child, make a diagnosis and determine the best treatment.  

Here are 10 (of many) issues which a podiatrist can help with.  

  1. Foot and lower limb pain – including heel and calf pain 
  2. Sporting injuries, such as ankle sprains 
  3. Appearance of feet – turn inwards or outwards, or have overly high or low arches 
  4. Shin splints 
  5. Nail conditions – ingrown and infected toenails 
  6. Skin conditions – warts and calluses 
  7. Shoe advice and Orthotics: Poorly fitted shoes can cause a range of conditions including calluses 
  8. Sever’s Disease (calcaneal apophysitis)   
  9. Overpronation: Children whose feet roll inwards when they walk may be at higher risk of heel spurs, ankle sprains, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. 
  10. Motor skills or balance concerns 

Still not sure if your child could benefit from a visit to the podiatrist? Read more in our blog here.  

Kids podiatry: 10 things a podiatrist can help with 

As growing kids continue to develop, and lead an active lifestyle, there are numerous ways podiatrists can help. 

The friendly physiotherapists and podiatrist at North West Physio work together to determine the best treatment plan to resolve your child’s foot and lower limb issues. 

Make an appointment with us today or learn more by giving North West Physio a call now.  

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