5 myths about orthotics

5 Common Misconceptions About Orthotics

In this blog we outline 5 common misconceptions about orthotics.   

If your medical specialist has suggested you could benefit from the inserts, but you’re not convinced because you think they’ll hurt your feet or weaken your muscles, you’re not alone.   

Those are two of the five myths we’re going to discuss in the blog below.   

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1. MYTH: You Can Get Foot Pain From Orthotics:  

Orthotic therapy should be a help not a hinderance.   

If the devices are hurting it may be because they’re not doing the correct job, not made of the right materials and/or covers, or your body and foot profile has changed and doesn’t match the contours of the orthotic device anymore.   

Pleasecome and see us if your orthotics are hurting. We can make many adjustments to ensure they are comfortable.   

2. MYTH: Orthotics Are Bulky and Only for Ugly Shoes: 

The issue of ‘bulky’ orthotics is a thing of the past.   

Our new and adaptive technologies utilise carbon fibre which is ultra-lightweight and thin.   

It is firm enough to provide control, yet still allows flexion through the device and the foot.   

Due to the reduced thickness, they can also comfortably fit in casual shoes like Converse or Vans, which gives people a larger variety of shoe options.  

3. MYTH: Orthotics Weaken Feet Muscles:   

Quite the opposite. A well-made orthotic should adequately support and align the foot and ankle with the lower limb and rest of the body.   

If the body is in the right alignment and there is symmetry through the foot, the muscle control is greater because muscles, joints and ligaments are less likely to be overstretched and overused.  

In short, using orthotics to align and support the foot should allow greater muscle tone and responsiveness – not weakness.   

4. MYTH: Off-the-shelf Devices are as Effective as Custom-Made Orthotics:  

We cannot deny that some people do have success with an ‘off-the-shelf’ device, but that is only the case for about 15% of the population.  

In addition, once you purchase off-the-shelf inserts, they’re not able to be modified or adjusted.   

A custom-made device is far better for correction or adjustment for most people.   

5. MYTH: You Don’t Need Good Shoes If You’ve Got Orthotics:   

There’s more flexibility with ‘less supportive footwear’ when a person has an orthotic, however, you wouldn’t buy a Ferrari to put cheap tyres on it… or would you?   

A good quality shoe will support and enhance the functionality of an orthotic device, especially for activities which are high-intensity or last for a long duration (such as walking or running).  

It’s also important to note that expensive shoes aren’t always indicative of quality, and cheap shoes aren’t necessarily indicative of poor support either.   

5 Common Misconceptions About Orthotics  

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