Exercise During and After Pregnancy

Exercise During and After Pregnancy

While every woman’s body is impacted differently by the changes brought on by pregnancy, exercise during and after pregnancy can have great benefits both physically and mentally.  

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The Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

Not only is exercise great for the mind, it can also help expectant mothers maintain muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, and as a result, the body can be better prepared for labour.  

Maintaining an exercise program throughout pregnancy can also assist in the body’s recovery process after bub is born.

Exercises for Pregnant Woman 

During pregnancy and postnatally, there should be a focus on low impact exercise which builds and maintains muscle strength and tone – particularly of the pelvic floor muscles.  

Some examples of this type of exercise are walking, pilates, yoga, swimming and hydrotherapy. 

Activities that result in a feeling of ‘bearing down’ should be avoided. 

Due to the increased laxity of connective tissue during and immediately after pregnancy, it is best to avoid overstretching or overexerting during exercise.  

How Much Exercise Should You Do While Pregnant? 

How much exercise and what type of exercise during pregnancy and the early postpartum period depends on the individual and whether they have any underlying musculoskeletal or pelvic floor conditions. 

It’s always a good idea to speak to a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can guide the patient through a specific exercise program designed for their needs. 

Exercise During and After Pregnancy 

If you’re experiencing aches and pains during your pregnancy and wish to continue exercising, one of our physiotherapists can help with treatment options and a program to suit you.  

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