What Should you wear to a physiotherapy appointment

What Should You Wear to a Physio Appointment?

Comfort, ease of movement and access to treatment area are all big factors when considering what should you wear to a physio appointment?

At North West Physiotherapy, we’re here to treat your aches, pains and injury areas in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

In this latest blog, we talk about the best clothes to wear to your physio appointment to ensure both you and your physio are prepared for treatment.

What to Consider Before Your Appointment

Treatment varies depending on the area of concern for each individual person. Many of the common conditions regularly involve working on central aspects of the body including the neck, back and pelvis. This can sometimes be the case even for injuries to the knee, ankles, elbow or wrists.

With this in mind, it would be preferable to wear clothes that can reveal the area of concern such as shorts and singlets, however being prepared for treatment of the neck, back and pelvis (i.e. appropriate underwear) would also be sensible.

We suggest these clothing recommendations to make consultations more fluent and help maximise your time with the physio, however there are always alternatives. If a client is not willing or is unable to wear particular clothing because of personal, cultural or any other reasons, the physio can improvise to work through or around clothing or utilise towels and sheets for privacy.

Recommended Clothing

The main factor when dressing for physio is making sure we can access and assess the area of concern in a way that is comfortable for the patient.

  • Shorts or bike parts are more convenient for treating lower limb conditions.
  • Treatment can be adapted if women are wearing leggings, jeans, skirts or dresses, but shorts or bike pants are the most suitable.
  • For childrenschool uniforms are generally fine. Bike shorts may be beneficial for girls wearing skirts or dresses. Boys wearing long pants may need shorts to change into depending on area of concern. 

Ensure Your Comfort

Gym clothes or stretchy clothes are not prerequisites for your session. Your clothing should be comfortable and fit in a way that does not restrict your movement so you can still bend, squat or lift your arms above your head.

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