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Footwear Advice: 3 Common Foot Issues Physios Can Help With

If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain or stiffness, you might be wondering if a physio can help.  

The professionals at North West Physio have teamed up with The Pedalar Podiatry to provide tailored treatment plans to our clients struggling with foot or lower limb concerns 

In this blog, we discuss some common issues our physios can help to treat along with some practical footwear advice – as it’s important to look after the body part that ensures we get from A to B every day! 

Foot Physiotherapy: Common Conditions Physios Can Help With  

Our partnership with The Pedalar Podiatry means our clients can see trusted health physios and podiatrists under the same roof.  

And while podiatrists treat a vast number of foot and ankle conditions, our physios can also help during the treatment of: 

  1. Plantar fasciitis 
  2. Achilles Tendinopathy 
  3. Ankle sprains 

Footwear Advice from our Physios  

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, we recommend you invest in shoes that: 

  • Provide good stability for both the inside and outside of the foot, 
  • Have a stiffened midsole region, 
  • Have a heel raise at the back, 
  • And most importantly, the shoe should feel comfortable for the patient. 

How DYou Know if a Shoe Fits Properly? 

Have you found a pair of shoes you love the look of, but you’re not sure if they fit well? 

The below 4 points are a good place to start. Make sure there is:  

  • No slipping at the back of the shoe 
  • No pushing on bony prominent areas 
  • Space available at the front and top of the shoe to prevent tightness 
  • Shoe is firm in the mid-sole region 

What’s Considered an Ill-fitting Shoe? 

Here’s three tell-tale signs that your shoes don’t fit properly and might start causing you some grief:  

  • Slipping at the back 
  • Too tight across the top of the foot 
  • Shoe can be bend in both directions through the mid-sole 

Expert tip: When you’re testing out shoes, it’s important to try on a variety of shoes and different levels of support. At North West Physio, we also believe that The Athlete’s Foot offers the best fitting services. 

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