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Pilates Exercises At Home

If you need help determining which Pilates exercises to do at home, the health professionals at North West Physiotherapy in Brisbane can help.  

Before you begin pilates and mobility exercise – or any other kind at home – it’s important to consult a health professional for advice.  

For Pilates, we recommend a physiotherapy-guided rehab class be carried out before you start working out at home.  

This is to ensure an individualised class or program can be developed that takes your level of fitness and previous injury history into account – but also ensures that you will use the correct technique to gain the maximum benefit.  

Talk to our physiotherapists about Pilates exercises which are right for you by calling one of our North Brisbane clinics today, or keep reading to find out more. 

Pilates At Home: Our Advice  

Before you start practising Pilates from the comfort of your own home, there are a few recommendations we’d make.   

  • Firstly, a trip to the physio for a guided rehab class can offer some guidance and ensure you are aware of your fitness level and exercises to avoid based on your injury or health history. 
  • Secondly, as working from home has increased, there are more people with a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, we would suggest practising mobility exercises first and then progressing to strength once you are able to complete the range of movement required. 
  • Last but not least, technique is crucial in pilates. Slight adjustments to positioning and movement can alter which muscles are being activated, so understanding this will ensure you get the desired benefits. 

Start off with some of the more basic exercises and focus on technique, breathing control and stability, and progress from there. 

EXPERT TIP: A stretching/discomfort feeling may be normal but avoid any exercises that cause a reasonable amount of pain.   

Pilates At Home Workouts 

There are so many workouts available with online subscriptions and YouTube, but it can be tricky to determine if certain exercises included in a video or program will be right for you. 

Before you begin a program, consult a health professional. Other things to consider before you roll out the mat include: 

  • Your previous experience with Pilates 
  • Your current level of fitness  
  • Your previous injury history – as it can make some exercises unsafe to start with – especially if you are unsure how to complete the exercise correctly or if the exercise is just too difficult. 

Once you’ve been given the all clear to begin practising at home, take your time, learn the correct technique required and then try to replicate it.  

Certain exercises may not always feel right or comfortable at first but with practise can improve quickly. 

Pilates Classes at North West Physio  

We have several clinics across North Brisbane, each have their own Pilates facility for small groups. You can view the current timetable here.  

Please note – we have had to temporarily hold our small group classes, including Pilates during COVID-19 restrictions. 

Pilates Exercises at Home 

For help to determine which Pilates exercises are safe and suitable for you to carry out in the comfort of your own home, please reach out to our professional team today.  

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