Safe Exercises for a slipped disc

Safe Exercises for a Slipped Disc

At North West Physiotherapy we’ll help treat the pain and provide you with safe exercises for a slipped disc.

Our expert team can help diagnose the trouble area and organise the best treatment plan to have you fighting fit in no time.

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What is a Slipped Disc? 

Although commonly used, the term ‘slipped disc’ is slightly misleading. Discs have many very strong supporting structures so cannot actually slip out of alignment. They can, however, bulge or herniate due to weak or torn outer layers allowing the softer centre of the disc to push through. This occurs most commonly in the lower back and usually as a result of bending, twisting and lifting movements.

Disc herniations are very painful and cause significant muscle spasm and limitation of movement. In severe cases the herniated disc can also put pressure on one or more nerves, leading to referred pain, pins and needles, numbness and/or weakness.

3 Safe Home Exercises for Slipped Disc

Some examples of basic exercises that may to help relieve the pain and spasm, if you have a herniated disc in the lower back are:

Knee rocking

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent up
  2. Keeping your knees together, gently rock them from side to side
  3. Make sure not to push in to pain

Knee to chest stretch

  1. Lie on your back and pull one knee up towards your chest as far as comfortable
  2. Hold for 10-15 seconds
  3. Place back down on the bed/floor and repeat with the other leg

Gentle back arching

  1. Stand with your hands supporting your lower back
  2. Gently arch backwards and hold for 5-10 seconds
  3. This can also be done by arching up slightly while lying on your stomach

Why you should work with a physio for a slipped disc

Depending on the location of the disc herniation, the exercises required for it may be quite different, so it is best to have it properly assessed and diagnosed by a physio before beginning an exercise program. 

When a disc herniation first occurs, there are many ways that a physio can help relieve the pain and spasm associated with it. These can include massage, gentle joint mobilisations, heat, support/taping and advice about positions and postures to use or avoid. Once the acute symptoms have settled, we can then work with you to regain full range of motion, strength and core stability.

Core stability is particularly important following a disc herniation to help minimise the chance of the condition re-occurring in the future. As your strength and mobility improves, we will gradually progress the challenge of your exercise program to help you get back to feeling 100%.

Why Choose North West Physio?

  • Your exercises are given to you via app on your phone – Because these exercises need to be very specific, at North West Physio we use the Physitrack app to enable patients to view videos and descriptions of their individually tailored exercise program on a computer, smartphone or tablet. This ensures that patients have access to their program at all times – whether at home, at work or on holidays – and that all exercises are being done correctly.
  • Feel safe and know you won’t be doing more damage – We regularly help patients with disc herniations get back to their usual activities like work, sport or playing with their kids without pain. So you can rest assured that you’re in safe and experienced hands with the physios at North West Physiotherapy.

Safe Exercises for a Slipped Disc

Come and see our team for the best and safest exercises to treat a slipped disc. All three of our North Brisbane Physiotherapy clinics can help:

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