Best Exercise Programs for Seniors

Best Exercise Programs for Seniors

At North West Physiotherapy we have treatment catering for all age groups and offer the best exercise programs for seniors.

We provide evidence-based group exercise classes that focus on improving strength and balance and making activities of daily living easier.

We want to see you achieve the results you want and need to keep you living the lifestyle you want. To book in for your appointment, phone our clinic on (07) 3353 4111 or select your chosen time online here.

Seniors Strength Classes  

What can you expect from a seniors strength and balance class? We mix a bit of everything into these classes.

  • You can expect a variety of balance exercises, as well as upper and lower limb strengthening exercises.
  • Exercises often take the form of specific activities done throughout the day, such as getting in and out of a chair or walking up and down stairs. Doing so in repetition and with correct form, teaches the participants to correctly load and promotes strength through these movements.
  • The exercises can also be altered to suit individuals with specific requirements to take into consideration.

Class sizes: Our classes generally range from 3-5 people.

Booking: To book your spot, give your preferred clinic a call:

Hydrotherapy for Seniors

Here at North West Physio we also recommend hydrotherapy for seniors, because movement is the best medicine. Hydrotherapy allows people that may struggle with some specific weight-bearing exercises out of the pool to get the movement and exercise they need.

Although the strength and balance classes cater for specific needs, hydrotherapy is a great form of exercise that may suit rehabilitation or other needs. 

Why Choose North West Physio?

  • Northwest offers a range of exercise options, fully supervised by university-qualified practitioners.
  • We can cater for individuals of any skill levels and people requiring exceptional consideration.
  • We provide safe and gentle exercises for seniors.
  • Our classes and programs help prevent slips and falls.

Best Exercise Programs for Seniors

Don’t miss your chance to work on your strength and balance and join the best exercise programs for seniors. Phone North West Physio on (07) 3353 4111 or book an appointment online here.

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Our services include Physiotherapy, Sports PhysioHydrotherapyPilates, PodiatryDry NeedlingMassageWomens Health, and Seniors Strength and Balance Classes. Please note that services vary across our clinics. 

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