4 Things You Should do after your physiotherapy appointment

4 Things You Should Do After Your Physiotherapy Appointment

While physio can be a great way of relieving pain or injury, a session can also take its toll on your body.

At North West Physiotherapy we like to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment at our clinic and are fully informed of what to do following their session.

To help you recover in the best way possible, we outline in this blog 4 things you should do after your physiotherapy appointment.

4 Things You Should Do After Your Physiotherapy Appointment

Physio is a great way to treat ongoing pain and injury. To maintain your level of treatment here is 4 things you should do after your appointment:

  1. Drink plenty of water
    We usually advise this after exercise based treatments, such as hydrotherapy or an exercise class, to help restore hydration and improve recovery times.

  2. Follow any advice from your Physio
    – Use hot/cold packs where required.
     – Rest if necessary.

    At North West Physio, we are trained to know what advice is relevant for each injury.
    Our professional advice is generally given to expediate the recovery time frames and to avoid any further damage to the injured area.
    Injuries and post-surgical patients can further damage the area if they do not adhere to the advice given.

  3. Do your exercises
    Physiotherapy appointments are usually for 1/2 hour . Further exercise suggested by the Physio will assist in reducing the need for ongoing treatment as well as provide pain relief between treatments.

    Some conditions will not resolve well without retraining the muscles involved to fire in the correct pattern and with the correct strength in the muscle groups.

    Generally, we can tell if the exercises haven’t been done, however we understand that clients will often need a few treatments to remember to correctly perform an exercise. You won’t be in trouble for not doing the exercise, we simply go over them again and re-educate the benefits of doing a home program.

  4. Take note of unusual pain
    Notify the Physiotherapist if pain is more severe than expected. It can be normal to experience some pain after treatment; however it usually settles after 24-48 hours.

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