how many physiotherapy sessions will i need?

How many Physiotherapy sessions will I need?

Whether you’re suffering from acute aches and pains or you have scored yourself an injury, you’re probably wondering how many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

At North West Physiotherapy, our goal is to help you get back to the lifestyle you want as quickly as possible. We don’t want you to feel like you have to come back to appointments forever.

Every person, injury/complaint and recovery time differs, so we do our best to work with you and get you back to fighting fit as soon as we can.

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What happens in the first physiotherapy session

We undertake a very thorough assessment and initial treatment during your first session. 

You will walk away knowing four key items:

  1. Your diagnosis, so what is wrong with you.
  2. If we can we help you. 
  3. What you need to do at home or work to help your condition.
  4. How long/how many visits it will take to get you better.

What happens in a treatment session?

During each session your treatment will be progressed and upgraded as your condition improves.

Your condition will be closely monitored and the treatment plan adjusted as needed.

Treatment can include massage, acupuncture or a combination of many other physio techniques.

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

The whole aim of your treatment is to get you completely better and free of pain for the long term.  There is a big focus on exercises for you to do at home, or in classes, which will stop your pain returning. 

The best indicator of our success as a clinic is if we never have to see you again for the same condition. Occasionally patients do come for regular maintenance visits every 4-6 weeks if they have a chronic and degenerative condition, but this is very much not the normal situation.

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