Brisbane Dietitian

How our Brisbane Dietitian can help you

Are you lacking energy, struggling to lose weight, living with a chronic disease or simply wanting to make a few healthy changes to your lifestyle? A consultation with our Brisbane dietitian can make all the difference! 

We are so excited to have Accredited Practising Dietitian, Ally Smith, join our North West Physio Everton Park team on Brisbane’s northside.  

Below we share a bit more detail about our dietitian’s experience and the dietetic services now available at our Flockton Street clinic.  

What is a Dietitian?  

A dietitian is trained and qualified health professional who applies the science of food and nutrition to offer practical dietary and lifestyle advice to clients.  

What does a Dietitian do?  

A dietitian uses their knowledge of nutrition and food to treat a number of medical conditions and promote health.  

They also translate scientific nutrition information into dietary advice and use specialised coaching strategies to improve wellbeing through lifestyle and diet changes.  

Their support also empowers people to make healthier food choices which are sustainable and in turn can put you on the path to long-term health success.  

How can a Dietitian help me?  

  • General healthy eating (including learning how to read food labels when shopping and how to choose the best options when eating out) 
  • Eating for weight loss or weight gain 
  • Managing eating disorders or eating disorder tendencies  
  • Optimising sport performance  
  • Food intolerances and allergies  
  • Managing gut health issues such as IBS 
  • Nutritional deficiencies  
  • Eating for chronic disease management, such as diabetes, cardiovascular health, liver heath etc  
  • Eating for weight loss surgery  
  • Eating well during pregnancy and lactation 

Dietitian Services Available at Everton Park  

Below are just some of the key dietetic and nutrition services we provide from our North Brisbane clinic. 

1. Initial Dietetic Consultation:  

An initial consultation includes: 

  • A comprehensive assessment of current nutrition status and habits affecting health, 
  • Development of nutrition and health related goals, and 
  • Development of an individualised plan to assist you in reaching your goals.  

 2. Review Dietetic Consultation:  

These sessions will provide you with ongoing support, monitoring and accountability to help you progress toward your goals. 

Our dietitian will: 

  • Assess your progress,  
  • Make adjustments to your nutrition plan (if required), and  
  • Discuss lifelong dietary changes you can make to ensure once you reach your goal, you stay there.  

 3. MEDGEM Assessment:  

Understanding actual metabolic rate is one of the most valuable pieces of information when aiming to improve your body composition.  

We use the MEDGEM device, which has been shown to be 98% accurate for calculating RMR (resting metabolic rate). 

A program where you are reducing total body fat and lowering metabolic rate is not going to be as effective as a program which reduces the same amount of total body fat but keeps your RMR high. A high RMR will enable you to keep the body fat off in the long term.  

Knowing your RMR is the start! This vital bit of information is a crucial component to your success.

4. Skinfold Assessments:  

The skinfold assessment is a measurement of subcutaneous fat folds. This is the most widely adopted method for the assessment of body fat. 

N.B Most private health funds offer rebates for all services listed above. The rebate will depend on your level of cover. 

Why you should pick our Brisbane Dietitian  

Our Accredited Practising Dietitian is highly-skilled and has a vast amount of experience in her field.  

Ally Smith’s qualifications include:  

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetics) (Honours) Graduated in 2014  
  • Completion of the Sports Nutrition Course (AIS) 
  • Level One Anthropometrist (ISAK) 
  • Cert III & IV in fitness 
  • First Aid & CPR 

During her career, Ally has worked in a number of private practises helping a range of clients with weight loss and weight gain, as well as chronic disease management. 

She’s also helped several sporting teams with sports nutrition and fuelling their body for performance.  

Ally has also worked at a nursing home and hospital where she assisted patients with malnutrition and disease management.  

Make a Booking with our Everton Park Dietitian  

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a better diet and lifestyle, call our Everton Park clinic today on (07) 3352 4111. 

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