Shoulder Physio Brisbane North

Shoulder Physio Brisbane North | 5 Ways A Physio Can Help You

North West Physiotherapy are the experts in shoulder physio Brisbane North. If you’re experiencing problems with your shoulder, we have 5 ways a physio can help you.

At North West Physio, our physiotherapists will provide a complete solution to your shoulder issue – rather than focussing on a quick-fix or short-cut solutions that could lead to repeat problems and a dependency on treatment.

We make use of the latest technology available including digital shoulder muscle strength recordings and posture analysis.

So don’t wait, let us help you now! Book your appointment today at either our Everton ParkKeperra or Eatons Hill clinics.

5 Ways a Physio Can Help You

All of our physiotherapists at North West Physio are university qualified and only apply treatment techniques with a sound scientific basic. You can be assured that you are being treated by experts at the absolute cutting edge of the physiotherapy profession.

  1. Physios understand the shoulder – a complex region of the body
    The shoulder is a complex region of the body consisting of four articulations and muscles attaching to the skull, chest wall, pelvis, shoulder blade, collar bone, arm bone and two regions of the spine. There is also an extensive network of nerve tissue between the neck and the shoulder. All of these structures can be involved separately or in combination. At North West Physio, we are skilled at assessing and managing your musculoskeletal shoulder problem.
  2. We are trained to address the cause, not just the symptoms
    Physiotherapists are highly trained in identifying and helping you address the issues contributing to and causing your shoulder dysfunction. They understand shoulder structure and how the complex should move as well as what can go wrong. They can also refer to you the expertise of other health care providers such as surgeons and exercise physiologists.
  3. Ongoing pain management  – Physiotherapists at North West Physio have the knowledge and skills to identify the issues causing shoulder dysfunction and manage them. This includes knowing when to involve investigations such as radiology as well as seeking the expertise of other health care providers.
  4. Immediate relief for acute problems can come in a variety forms – for example manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, taping or bracing and electrotherapy.
  5. Long term relief can come in the form of ‘tune up’ sessions at regular intervals weeks apart. For long term issues, we aim to enable patients to become as knowledgeable and competent self-managers as possible. But when needed, we are always on hand to reassess and recommence treatment.

Up-to-date Training and Development

Physiotherapists at North West Physio undertake regular continuing professional development. We individually attend education events, courses and conferences and share knowledge, techniques and developments with our colleagues in the practice.

Our clinicians meet on a monthly basis where one of us presents a topic and leads a discussion with the aim to update and transform our practice.

We take a holistic approach to managing our patients’ movement problems, incorporating sound evidence, therapeutic exercise and a self-management strategy where ever possible.

Physios will provide treatment that will give immediate relief but we will always have a focus on fixing the issue for good. Your individually prescribed home exercise program is also a vital part of the solution.

We work with other leading health care professionals including radiologists and orthopaedic specialists to ensure you the optimal outcome.

Shoulder Physio Brisbane North | 5 Ways a Physio Can Help You

When you come into one of our clinics for physio, you will be completely guided through your treatment program in a friendly and relaxed way that is easy to understand.

We have three North Brisbane clinics – and all our team are qualified and experienced with treating a wide variety conditions and issues.

North West Physiotherapy is your one-stop pain relief and healthy living practice in Brisbane. With three clinics across North Brisbane; Everton ParkKeperra and Eatons Hill, our aim is to provide holistic healthcare solution to suit your specific lifestyle. 

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