Why Is Exercise Important for Kids

Why Is Exercise Important for Kids

Staying active is important at every age, but in this blog we look at why exercise is vital for kids.  

Parents who want to give their children the best start to life should encourage regular movement and healthy eating habits.  

In this article we list:  

  • 9 benefits of exercise for children,  
  • Strength exercises for kids, and 
  • Cardio exercises for kids.  

The qualified health professionals at North West Physio find that the most common health concerns for our younger clients are related to growthpuberty or development of fine and gross motor skills.  

But the biggest thing to remember with exercise and children is making it fun and play based – it doesn’t need to be “structured exercise”. It’s about integrating strength and cardio type movement into their daily routine to help their development and confidence.  

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Benefits of Exercise for Children 

Establishing good health and fitness habits early on is incredibly beneficial for children for a range of reasons.  

  1. Assists with maintaining a healthy weight 
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety 
  3. Keeps kids fit, or improves fitness levels and cardiovascular health 
  4. Gives kids a chance to socialise with peers and make new friends 
  5. Encourages healthy development and growth 
  6. Helps with the development of fine motor skills and gross motor skills 
  7. Improves balance and posture 
  8. Boosts self-confidence 
  9. Increases concentration and academic performance 

Strength Exercises for Kids 

It’s important for children to carry out bone and muscle strengthening activities at least three days per week.  

Strength exercises which use utilise body weight are ideal for kids.  

  • Push-ups 
  • Lunges 
  • Squats 
  • Calf-raises 
  • Burpees 
  • Planks 
  • Side leg raises 
  • Supermans  

Cardio Exercises for Kids 

Childhood is a great time to create and adopt active lifestyle behaviours – with aerobic exercise being very important.  

Kids should be taking part in one hour (60 minutes) of moderate-vigorous physical activity every single day, such as:  

  • Running 
  • Jumping  
  • Kicking 
  • Skipping 
  • Catching  
  • Throwing  

Why Is Exercise Important for Kids 

Getting active and staying active can have a huge impact on your health, self-confidence, concentration and more – no matter what age you are.  

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