Can physiotherapy make back pain worse

Can Physiotherapy make Back Pain worse?

If you need to seek treatment to help with an uncomfortable condition, you may want to know – can physiotherapy make back pain worse?

At North West Physiotherapy, our aim is to treat you and help alleviate your back pain to get you back to normal as soon as we can.

Although the physio session itself shouldn’t be painful, it is very normal to have some short term soreness after treatment.

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Reasons you might experience pain after a physio session

It is normal to have some treatment soreness after your session. This can last for a few hours or even up to one day depending on the severity of your condition. 

This soreness is usually related to the muscles reacting to the work that has been done on them and should not be confused with an increase in your actual symptoms.

Telling the difference between types of pain

Generally, if there is an increase in your presenting symptoms after a session, it’s something that you should discuss with your physio.

Other pains or soreness that occur after treatment are usually very normal and natural and is actually a sign that the treatment is helping.

How to avoid pain after physio sessions

Your physio will give you very specific guidelines regarding what activities to avoid after a physio session.

Some activities are very good to continue doing with back pain even if they cause some soreness, like walking. Other activities, such as bending, should always be avoided with back pain.

It is essential that your physio knows the full background of your condition before we start a treatment plan. Factors such as other medical conditions or previous surgery can result in adverse reactions from your treatment. Your physio will ask you specific questions about these things but always keep your physio fully informed about how you are feeling as exercises and treatment can always be adjusted to get you the best and fastest recovery outcome.

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