Video Physiotherapy Consultations as a Result of Coronavirus

Video Physiotherapy Consultations as a Result of Coronavirus

The team at North West Physio is offering video physiotherapy consultations as a result of Coronavirus, because we understand many people either need to self-isolate or are choosing to avoid social situations to reduce their risk of becoming sick.

The video consultations, which are physio treatments provided via video chat, will occur alongside our normal in-clinic treatments.

For more information please keep reading our blog, or head to our video consultation page for more detail.

How Video Consultations Can Help With Physiotherapy Treatments

It’s true – many conditions require hands-on treatment, but our trusted team of physiotherapists can provide a lot of assistance and relief via video.

Video consultations can help with:

  • Self-treatment strategies
  • Acute injury assessment
  • Exercise prescription and progression
  • General advice and education on managing your condition
  • Ergonomic assessments and advice– particularly if you need a work station set up at home

How Does a Video Consultation Work?

A video consultation will work exactly like a normal physiotherapy consultation, but obviously without the hands-on element of it.

For acute pain/injuries:

  • We will go through questions about a patient’s symptoms
  • Ask them to perform certain movements to diagnose their condition
  • Provide advice regarding the best course of action, such as teaching self-treatment techniques

For existing patients who’ve had treatment in the clinic before:

  • The usual discussion about progress and symptoms since the last appointment
  • A visual assessment of movements or issues specific to the patient’s condition, e.g. range of motion, squats, walking
  • A comprehensive review of their exercises and the plan for returning to full function

What Software Do Patients Need For a Video Consultation?

We want to make video consultations as easy as possible, and encourage patients to use software and devices they are familiar with.

We use FaceTime, Skype, Physitrack, Zoom and Google Duo.

Extra Precautions Being Taken At Clinics To Keep You Safe

It’s important to note that video consultations are not replacing our normal treatments for those who can attend our clinics.

We are taking a range of extra precautions to protect our clients and staff during this pandemic, which you can read about in our blog here.

Video Physiotherapy Consultations as a Result Of Coronavirus

The team at North West Physio hope we can continue to be of assistance during this uncertain time.

So, if you’d like more information on our new video consultation service, contact your local North West Clinic, or any of our locations to book:

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