Physiotherapy for wrist pain

Physiotherapy for Wrist Pain

Writing, driving, opening jars, opening doors, typing, texting. There’s something these six actions have in common – they all involve using your wrist.  

And when you’re experiencing discomfort or pain in this part of your body, it impacts your ability to carry out everyday tasks. Tasks like those listed above that many of us take for granted.  

Depending on the source of your aching or twinging wrist, physiotherapy might be helpful for your pain and the management of its cause. 

Does Physiotherapy Help Wrist Pain? 

Wrist pain can come from various sources, including bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves. 

The tenderness might result from an injury, repetitive stress or overuse of the hand, wrist or fingers, or an existing musculoskeletal condition.  

A physiotherapy examination can help diagnose your problem and its origin and provide you with a range of treatment options to help to reduce your pain.  

What Wrist Conditions Can Physiotherapy Help With? 

Physiotherapy can often help to hasten the natural healing process and get you back to functioning normally quicker.  

At North West Physio, we can organise scans if needed and liaise with GPs and specialists.  

Early treatment can mean a swift return to normal activities and, in some cases, prevent your problem from becoming a chronic or recurring condition.   

Some common wrist problems that physiotherapy can help with include: 

  • Osteoarthritis,  
  • Rheumatoid arthritis,  
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis (a condition that impacts the wrist’s tendons on the same side as the thumb) 
  • Wrist sprains,  
  • TFCC tear (triangular fibrocartilage complex), and  
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Treatment for Wrist Pain  

Your health professional will determine the best treatment plan based on your diagnosis and personal circumstances. 

But generally speaking, physiotherapy treatment for wrist pain may include: 

  • Joint mobilisation  
  • Soft tissue release  
  • Modalities such as ultrasound or TENS  
  • Dry needling or acupuncture  
  • Strapping, and  
  • A home exercise program.  

You can see some of our commonly prescribed exercises for wrist pain in our blog here. 

Easing your wrist pain at home 

At home, there are a few things that might be able to ease your wrist pain, including: 

  • Anti-inflammatory medications  
  • Ice  
  • Rest  
  • Activity modifications such as limited lifting and gripping 
  • Changes to office ergonomics. 

Think you might benefit from physiotherapy for your wrist pain? 

If you are in Brisbane and believe physio is a treatment option that’s suitable for you, North West Physio is just a phone call away.  

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