Treating Neck Pain with Physiotherapy

Treating Neck Pain with Physiotherapy

In this blog we share why treating neck pain with physiotherapy can be very effective at reducing both acute (sudden onset) and chronic neck pain conditions.

There’s nothing worse than not being able to move your neck because of pain or injury.

And here at North West Physio, we are passionate about helping you overcome any neck issues as quickly and safely as possible.

North West Physio practice owner and principal physiotherapist Roger McIntosh talks us through the different types of neck pain and the best ways our team can help treat you.

What are the different types of neck pain?

The three most common types of neck pain are:

  1. Neck pain and Headaches – This one typically presents gradually over time with an increase in intensity.
  2. Wry Neck – It’s an acute (sudden) onset of pain and usually severe in nature.  It’s typically characterised by a severe lack of movement in the neck with it often being locked in one position.
  3. Whiplash – most people would have heard of whiplash thanks to car accidents. It usually causes severe pain and swelling in the neck and upper back area with associated pain and loss of movement.”

What are the most common causes for neck pain?

“Breaking it down into the different types, with neck pain and headaches it can be related to your posture when sitting and sleeping with stress also a big factor.

A wry neck is often caused by a temporary locking of the vertebrae in the neck – usually caused by the tiny cartilage between the bones becoming jammed.

Whereas in whiplash, pain is caused by trauma to the ligaments and muscles in the neck as the body is subjected to forces during a car accident where the head is violently flung in multiple directions as a result.”

What treatment options are available to patients at North West Physio?

“It is important with any neck pain that treatment should be started as soon as symptoms present,” Roger said.

We tailor each treatment to the individual’s symptoms and diagnosis, and depending on the nature of the neck pain, treatment options might include:

  • posture re-education
  • stretches
  • strengthening exercises
  • massage
  • gentle joint mobilisations (not harsh cracking)
  • heat
  • pain relieving creams
  • dry needling

What can be done to prevent neck pain?

“It’s really important to be aware of your sitting posture at work and also get into a regular habit of doing gentle stretches during the day at work. Make sure you also have a comfortable and quality pillow as well as ensuring you get enough sleep. Reducing stress can also be helpful, even with something as simple as a quick 20 minute walk away from the office,” he said.

How long is recovery from the different types of neck pain?

“Wry neck usually resolves within 1-2 days and if managed properly with a follow up visit (for strengthening exercises) after all symptoms have resolved, it’s unlikely to become a recurring problem.

“When it comes to an injury such as whiplash, a patient can experience ongoing problems if not treated correctly and as soon as possible. It is essential to fully restore normal muscle function after an injury like this.”

Treating Neck Pain with physiotherapy

If neck pain is making your life unbearable, the team at North West Physio can help make a difference.

Make an appointment today and find out how treating neck pain with physiotherapy can help you return the enjoying the lifestyle you love.

We have three North Brisbane clinics – and all our team are qualified and experienced with treating a wide variety of neck pain conditions and issues.

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